Congratulations to the winners of Russian Scientific Foundation competition "Conducting basic scientific research and exploratory scientific research by individual scientific groups".

The grants were awarded to:

Mikhael V. Ugryumov, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor - project 24-14-00374 "    Peptidergic neurons of the hypothalamus and GABAergic neurons of the striatum, partially expressing the dopaminergic phenotype: functional significance and regulation in health and disease";

Alla I. Kalmykova, Doctor of Biological Sciences - project 24-14-00043 "Molecular mechanisms and indicators of telomere dysfunction in development and cell lines";

Yulia A. Kraus, Doctor of Biological Sciences - project 24-14-00452 "Coordinated behavior of individual cells during body plan establishment in ancient Metazoans: the carnivorous sponges and beyond";

Rustem A. Ilyasov, Ph.D. - project 24-16-00179 "Development of genomic markers for effective selection of local Russian honey bees in conditions of mass maladaptive hybridization".