12 of April, 12:00. Conference Hall of IDB RAS.

Presentation of the book "Chemical Languages of Nervous Systems".

The book "Chemical Languages of Nervous Systems", written by a team of neurobiologists from the Institute of Developmental Biology of the Russian Academy of Sciences and a group of mathematicians from the Institute of Control Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences, has been published. Members of Neurobiology of Development Lab participated in the book writing are Dmitri Sakharov, Varvara Dyakonova and Dmitry Vorontsov. 

The book outlines a heterochemical concept of the nervous system's operation. According to this concept, the crucial role in the work of the nervous system is carried out by endogenously active neurons and assemblies capable of forming behavior even in the absence of external stimuli. The communication language between neurons and parts of the nervous system is chemically based. This language is based on a variety of signaling molecules - neurotransmitters and neurohormones - that act not only in synaptic clefts but throughout the intercellular space.

The book covers the evolution of the neurotransmitter language, the cellular mechanisms of behavior formation, neuromodulation, and the role of transmitters in behavior choice and adaptation to external changes. The mathematical formalization of this concept required fundamentally new approaches, to which the second part of the book is devoted.

Everyone is invited to the presentation!