Interdisciplinary Meeting ‘Developmental Biology’

Workshop in the Memory of Nikolay Vorontsov (Febrary 1, 12:00, Conference Hall of IDB RAS) 


  1. “Miniaturization as the key trend in insect’s evolution” – Alexey A. Polilov, Moscow State University
  2. “Haramiyidae,the unique mammals of Jurassic era” – Alexander A. Agadzhanyan, Borissiak Paleontological Institute, RAS
  3. “Molecular evolution and genetic divergence of Dipodidae (Mammalia, Dipodidae)” – Anna A. Bannikova, Moscow State University
  4. Mole voles (Arvicolinae, Rodenta) – paleochronicles and their place on the phylogenetic tree of voles” – Alexey S. Tesakov, Geology Institute, RAS

Anyone interested is welcome!