On February 21, 2024 the winners of Best Publication of 2023 Contest among Young Scientists of the IDB RAS were awarded!

The expert committee, which included leading specialists of the Institute, selected 5 applications based on articles published in highly rated scientific publications in developmental biology and related fields.

The winners of the competition presented talks on the topics of their articles at a special section within the framework of the Annual Workshop on February 19-21:

Nina M. Alyoshina, Researcher of the Regeneration Problems Lab - "Happy eggs: ability to accumulate serotonin indicates mouse oocyte maturity"
Alexandra A. Vetrova, Junior researcher of Evolution of Morphogenesis Lab - "Duplication after duplication: sequential duplication of the Brachyury gene during the evolution of Cnidaria"
Andrey A. Ryabinin, Engineer researcher of Cell Biology Lab  - "Differentiation of IPSC-derived human neural stem progenitor cells into dermal papilla cells as a model for studying neural crest development".
Anna A. Kolacheva, Senior researcher of Nervous and Neuroendocrine Regulation Lab - "Initial changes in dopaminergic neurons in Parkinson's disease modeling will support the development of neuroprotective therapies"
Ksenia Vitalievna Skorentseva, Research assistant of Evolution of Morphogenesis Lab - "Actomyosin tract play a major role in morphallactic regeneration in calcareous sponges".

On the last day of the meeting the winners were awarded with certificates of appreciation and grants, received well-deserved recognition and support for further research

Congratulations and wishing them further success!