February 19-21, 11:00 -16:30 (Conference Hall of IDB RAS)Workshop on "Results of the research activity of the laboratories during 2023".

Workshop programm:

February 19, 11:00 -11:40

Developmental Epigenetics

"Results of the laboratory's work in 2023" - Alla I. Kalmykova

"The insulatory protein BEAF32 is required for telomere elongation during Drosophila oogenesis" - Olesya A. Sokolova


Genome Evolution & Mechanisms of Speciation

"Results of the laboratory's work in 2023" - Oleg V. Brandler

"Speciation on the rooftop of the world: a mosaic of genetic variation in mole voles" - Valentina G. Tambovtseva

"Influence of multiple hybridization on the genome of wide-area species on the case of the russet ground squirell Spermophilus major" - Andrey R. Tukhbatullin


Evolutionary Genetics of Development

"Results of the laboratory's work in 2023" - Oleg E. Lazebniy

"Results of phylogenetic study of saker falcon and gyrfalcon" - Daria N. Rozhkova

13:20-14:00 - Break


Best Publication of 2023 Contest among Young Scientists of the IDB RAS 

"Happy eggs: ability to accumulate serotonin indicates mouse oocyte maturity" - Nina M. Alyoshina

"Duplication after duplication: sequential duplication of the Brachyury gene during the evolution of Cnidaria" - Aleksandra A. Vetrova

"Initial changes in dopaminergic neurons in Parkinson's disease modeling will support the development of neuroprotective therapies" - Anna A. Kolacheva

"Differentiation of IPSC-derived human neural stem progenitor cells into dermal papilla cells as a model for studying neural crest development" - Andrey A. Ryabinin

"Actomyosin tract play a major role in morphallactic regeneration in calcareous sponges" - Ksenia V. Skorentseva


Biochemistry of Ontogenesis Processes

"Results of the laboratory's work in 2023" - Natalia P. Sharova

"Proteasomes as a prognostic marker of cancer development in patients with chronic hyperplastic laryngeal diseases" - Tatiana M. Astakhova

"Long-term consequences of the influence of inflammation on the development of the reproductive axis of male and female rats" - Vasilina M. Ignatyuk

"Molecular features of δ-aminolevulenic acid dehydratase in invertebrates" - Yulia V. Lyupina


Molecular Genetics of Development

"Results of the laboratory's work in 2023" - Olga B. Simonova

"Evolutionary history and features of lawc gene expression in Drosophila melanogaster" - Roman O. Cherezov

"Effect of ectopic expression of human, mouse and Drosophila aryl hydrocarbon receptor on the development of Drosophila melanogaster" - Yulia E. Vorontsova

February 20, 11:00 -11:40

Bioinformatics and Molecular Genetics

"Results of analysis of single cell sequencing data from mouse hypothalamic single cells in a diabetes model" - Evgeniia A. Chikina

"Changes in placental serotonin levels induce transcriptional and compositional shifts in the hypothalamus of the offspring" - Anastasiia N. Gainullina

"Gene regulatory networks of enhancer-promoter functional associations" - Marat S. Sabirov

"A combined approach of single cell transcriptomics analysis and associative whole-genome analysis" - Zakhar R. Starinnov

11:50 -12:30

Neural and Neuroendocrine Regulations

"Results of the laboratory's work in 2023" - Michael V. Ugrumov

"Study of the role of striatum neurons expressing tyrosine hydroxylase gene in compensatory processes in mice modeling Parkinson's disease" - Dmitry V. Troshev

"Compensatory mechanisms in the substantia nigra in mice modeling preclinical and clinical stages of Parkinson's disease" - Alyona E. Bannikova

12:40 -13:20

Physiology of Receptors & Signaling Systems

"Results of the laboratory's work in 2023" - Pavel V. Avdonin

"Role of complement and ADAMTS13/Willebrand factor/platelet system in the pathogenesis of thrombotic microangiopathies" - Petr P. Avdonin

13:20-14:00 - Break


Neurobiology of Development

"Results of the laboratory's work in 2023" - Igor S. Zakharov

"Unstable neuronal DNA: facts and questions" - Varvara E. Dyakonova

"Octopamine modulates the hearing of blood-sucking mosquitoes" - Dmitry D. Vorontsov


Cell Biology

"Results of the laboratory's work in 2023" - Ekaterina A. Vorotelyak

"Role of minor cell subpopulations of mesenchyme in lung morphogenesis" - Irina A. Govorova

"Dynamics and activity of YAP/TAZ during induced skin morphogenesis" - Andrey A. Ryabinin

"Unique scientific facility results in 2023: collection expansion, specimen release, grant realization" - Elena V. Alpeeva


Evolutionary Developmental Biology

"Results of the laboratory's work in 2023" - Nikolay D. Ozernyuk

"Study of Sertoli-like cells in the mouse rete testis" - Andrey Yu. Kulibin

"Embryonic development of the rete testis and the origin of Sertoli-like cells" - Valery V. Mun

February 21, 11:00 -11:40

Regenerative Biology

"Results of the laboratory's work in 2023"  - Yulia V. Markitantova

"Cell-free approaches to endogenous regeneration/in situ regeneration" - Alla V. Kuznetsova

"L-DOPA as a regulator of mammalian ovarian function" - Yulia O. Nikishina 


Evolution of Morphogenesis 

"Results of the laboratory's work in 2023"  - Yulia A. Kraus

"Molecular and morphological aspects of left-right organizer formation in the clawed frog Xenopus laevis" - Natalia D. Petri


Comparative Physiology of Development

"Results of the laboratory's work in 2023"  - Elena E. Voronezhskaya

"Nervous system formation in Holothuria with direct development: immunochemical labeling and HCR in situ hybridization" - Anastasia I. Kurtova


Cellular and Molecular Basis of Histogenesis

"Results of the laboratory's work in 2023"  - Irina V. Lyadova


Postembryonic Development

"Results of the laboratory's work in 2023. Activity of the Scientific Competence Center for Sustainable Development and Environmental Health in 2023."  - Vladimir M. Zakharov

"Mechanisms of "evolutionary rescue" of isolated malma populations in volcanic streams characterized by extremely high heavy metal levels" - Fedor N. Shkil

Lab Heads and staff, members of the Scientific Council of IDB RAS and others are invited to join the meeting.