Workshop of IDB RAS laboratories for discussing the results of the research project “Molecular and cellular mechanisms of oncological, immune, and metabolic diseases, modeling and experimental justification of reprogramming and onco-targeting” ( №075- 15-2020-773/9 from 28 june 2023).

Announced talks:

1.“Determination of proteasome subunit LMP2 functions in tumorogenesis” – Tatiana M. Astakhova
2.“Identification of early markers and therapeutic targets of Berkitt’s lymphoma” – Mikhail V. Shepelev
3.“The role of transcription factor heat shock 1 in the regeneration of the marine cold-water  sponge Halisarca dujardinii” – Oksana I. Kravchuk
4.“Radiation-induced retinoid oxidation in the eye structures and perspectives of non-invasive determination of radiative exposure in human body” – Tatiana B. Feldman
5.“Impact of systemic inflammation, inducted by IL-6, on hypothalamic–pituitary–gonadal system in in vivo and in vitro models” – Victoria S. Sharova
6.“Developing the technique of Sertoli-like cells delivery into the recipient’s body for the assessment of their survival potential and regeneration” – Andrey Yu. Kulibin
7.“Modeling of the regeneration of endocrine part of the pancreas” – Evgeniy S. Ruchko
8.“The level of transcription of telomeric repeats as a marker of telomere stability” – Alla I. Kalmykova 
Everyone interested is very welcome!